About us

WunderChild is a platform that helps every parent to discover the natural talents of his kids right from their preschool age. WunderChild is an unique platform, first of its kind. We are using games to test the kids, and we all know that kids love to play games, they are filled with energy, laugh, run and jump all the time. By using games, discovering talents is much easier and accurately. Even more, WunderChild encourages the kids to experiment and discover the full capacity of their minds.

The parent launches the test. He enters basic information for his kid and after that the game (test) starts. It’s a HTML5 based game and could be played on the web browser of every device. The game uses scientifically proven methods that accurately discover the talents of the kid.


Once the game is over, the parent receives an email-report that contains information and statistics about the talents of the kid. He can also buy a detailed report or subscribe to play more games related to the kid’s talent.


Petko Nedelchev and Martin Nikolchev launched the project at first in Startup Weekend Varna 2013, where they ranked third place and received lots of positive feedback from the jury, the mentors and the audience. After that the main focus was on researching, developing and updating the main prototype.

v0.3.9 (Beta)